18 Most Powerful Disney Villains Of All Time

It's a good job that true love and kindness are always there so save the day.

Disney films are supposed to make you happy and believe in things like true love, hope and that following your dreams is important. But when you take a minute to step back and not concentrate on the heroes of the story, you'll start to notice just how messed up some of the less morally good characters can be. As every one of Walt's movies contains a moral message and reiterates the fact that good will always triumph over evil, you should really be questioning how anyone could even get so evil in the first place within his universe. Maybe they had a bad childhood and haven't been able to cope with their backgrounds in a positive emotional or psychological way, carrying their wounds into adulthood. Is that really a good enough excuse to want to steal a friend's puppies and skin them to wear their fur as a coat? Definitely not. Whilst these villains do eventually meet their demise and you're satisfied that justice has been served, you know that evil will always be present to antagonise the good. A lot of that has to do with the legacy built on the back of memorable powers and irresistible evil. But which deserves to be classed as the most powerful ever? Surprisingly, it's not always the most evil. But it's very clear that all of the following Disney villains have terrorised you since childhood with their wicked ways, black hearts and (usually) ugly faces...
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