19 Most Ridiculous Things People Have Genuinely Asked Google

Why are you searching that? No, seriously.

Chinchilla Google knows everything. How big is a blue whale's penis? Google knows. Who auditioned for Batman before Christopher Nolan cast Christian Bale? Google knows? Who was that guy in that thing with that girl with the hair? Google probably knows, if you can phrases the question like a real human being. So it's no real surprise that people ask Google anything and everything, regardless of how that might make them look. Because, rather wonderfully, Google doesn't tell everyone what its users ask, and there's no judgement. As a result of the freedom afforded by Google's mostly anonymous search function, people also tend to abuse the service, asking ridiculous leading questions that are designed to confuse (as everyone subsequently has with Siri since Apple unveiled it,) but there are lost souls out there still asking genuinely complex, significant questions that have huge repercussions on the wider universe...
If you let yourself, you can very easily be lead astray down a rabbit hole of silliness when it comes to Google's predictive search function. It's been cleaned up a lot (in the past, almost every attempt to ask a question would lead to something about sexual hygiene,) but it is still genuinely possible to stumble across things that make you sad for the human race. To celebrate those morons who really need to step away from their search engines, we've compiled a list of the best and ridiculous things anyone has ever asked Google...

19. Sloths

Sloth That really begs the question of who all of these cousin fancying sloth owners are, and why they need to spy on anyone?

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