20 Awesome New Emojis Coming To Smartphones

How on Earth will we use them?

Taco Emoji In case you've not been on the internet at all in the last, oh, 5 or 6 years, 2015 is the year that Back to the Future Part II was set and thus, at some point we can expect hoverboards and Nikes that tie their own laces. Both of these are great, but by far the most important advance in technology this year is the official addition of a new set of emoji characters for your phone. If you've not got them yet, they're a selectable language on your phone made up entirely of little images. Allowing today's teenagers (and, let's face it, the rest of us) to communicate almost entirely pictographically. Like if cave paintings were hilarious or if there was a hieroglyph of a smiling turd. There's currently 722 emojis available on your smartphone, ranging from the humble smiley face to a really suggestively drawn eggplant, and all of them seemingly have a use. However there's some gaps within, and The Unicode Consortium, the people actually in charge of emojis, have accepted 37 new characters that are coming along with the creatively titled Unicode 8. "But what are they!?" you splutter, "and how on earth will we use them!?". Here's 20 of the most interesting picked out for you, along with advice on how you're going to fit them into your lives and your conversations.
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