20 Books From Your Childhood You Completely Forgot You Loved

An irresistible trip down literary memory lane.

There are some books that everyone seems to have as a favourite: the Harry Potter saga, Jane Austen's esteemed romances, timeless classics like To Kill A Mockingbird, and so on. However, there is one genre of literature that is almost always left out of these cherished lists: children's books. These tales don't go without honour because they're unworthy, but rather because they sadly go unthought of. They've been forgotten. How is it that such magnificent stories fall out of memory? Maybe people get distracted as they grow, and stop thinking about what used to bring them so much joy. Or maybe they let new books replace their old favourites, rather than letting them coexist. Or maybe, and most sorrowfully, people consider themselves too "grown up" for books written for children, and cast them off as "childish." But can you ever really outgrow something you love? Think back to your childhood, and all the amazing stories you read. Don't you remember tales of excitement, stories that both captivated and educated, all accentuated with brightly coloured pictures? What about the kooky and enchanting poetry of Shel Silverstein - surely you delighted in that? Or the uplifting victory of The Little Engine That Could? The sweet heartbreak of The Giving Tree? The shining scales of The Rainbow Fish? The zany misadventures of Curious George? Surely there is some story you can recall that brings comfort, warmth, and happiness to your heart; some story that, as a child, you truly loved. It's time to look back on the marvellous books of your past. It's time to rediscover the magic.
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