20 Celebs You Won't Believe Turned 40 This Year

This is probably going to make you feel old, but at least you're not 40.

It's not exactly a huge secret that celebrities often possess, either naturally or through financial means, the ability to look "forever young". You'll see them in a project one year, and see them in a different project several years later, only to realize that they don't appear to have aged one bit. It's a blessing that can help in having quite a lengthy career for many of them. The 20 entries you will see on this list are from several different branches of the celebrity tree, whether it be in front of the camera or behind it, or even in music. They all have one special thing in common, however... at one point or another in the 2014 calendar year, they all turned the big 4-0. That's right, every single person on this list was born in 1974, giving them 40 full years on this planet, even though you wouldn't have immediately thought so. Maybe they look like they're at least a decade younger than they are. Maybe they've just been around for so long that you lost track of their age. Maybe they've simply made a living out of not acting their age in the slightest. Whatever it is, these names should all surprise you in one way or another.
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