20 Dumb Quotes That Will Make You Unsure About Celebrities You Like

12. Winona Ryder

The Dumb Quote: "I feel my best when I'm happy" Winona Ryder feels her best when she is happy. Well, it's nice to know that the actress famous for being a Tim Burton regular, is in fact human like the rest of us. Such is the inflation of self-importance that often comes from celebrities, they seem to forget that almost everyone on the planet feels better when they're happy. At least Ryder managed to prove that celebrities are people with basic emotions as well, and that the Beetlejuice star who has been the subject of drug-related controversies during her career feels the same benefits from positive emotions as the rest of us. Just try and ignore the fact that Winona Ryder is probably at her happiest when she is shoplifting.
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