20 Dumb Quotes That Will Make You Unsure About Celebrities You Like

18. Prince

The Dumb Quote: "The internet's completely over" In an exclusive interview with The Daily Mirror, the legendary Purple Rain singer compared the Internet with MTV when discussing music distribution. He explains that the Internet was once "hip", but is now "outdated", and goes onto make the outlandish statement that the Internet is "completely over". This was in 2010. It's sensible to guess that Prince isn't a businessman, as its four years on and more people are using the Internet than ever, and it has become the most cost-effective way to distribute music, giving artists the freedom to ditch costs of packaging and shipping, by transporting a bunch of ones and zeroes through services such as iTunes and Amazon. Perhaps that is why Prince's last studio album was released in 2010. He has no idea how to distribute any new material because he has somehow developed the mindset that nobody is using the Internet anymore.
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