20 Dumb Quotes That Will Make You Unsure About Celebrities You Like

15. Brett Ratner

The Dumb Quote: "Rehearsal is for fags" Brett Ratner was hired to produce the 84th Academy Awards back in 2011. However, a mere three months after being hired, Ratner quit and told the world that "rehearsal is for fags". As well as making himself sound like a really offensive, arrogant git, Ratner also gave us a glimpse into the reason as to why most of his films are pretty awful. If Ratner is one for taking part in rehearsals, that may very well explain why films directed by him, such as After the Sunset and X-Men: The Last Stand were terrible, and why the last thing that was released that was directed by him was a segment from Movie 43. Perhaps it's time Ratner began taking rehearsals seriously, if he wants to start making films that aren't as much as a laughing stock as his poor attitude and personality.
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