20 Hilarious Images Of People Getting Christmas Wrong

Not everyone celebrates Christmas in the traditional manner...

Everyone knows what Christmas is about; presents, right?! But seriously, it's a time of year when the less fortunate are in our thoughts, gestures of goodwill are more abundant than any other time of year, families come together, friends reunite and everyone has fun while feeling warm and festive. Decorations are put up and gifts are exchanged and, as a general rule, everybody celebrates the season in a similar manner - but there are exceptions. Granted, Christmas can bring out the worst in even the most festive of people. The coming together of people in large groups - particularly when it involves alcohol, as Christmas so often does - can cause arguments and bickering. That's all part of the fun though! However, some people go about their festive activities in what can only be described as unorthodox ways. They wear strange attire, put up weird decorations and display frankly inappropriate attitudes. These people are getting Christmas all wrong. Sadly for them - and happily for everyone else - the results of these people having questionable Christmases have been caught on camera and can now be shared with the world. So, if you bicker with your cousins at Christmas or if your Great Auntie Dorothy gets inconceivably smashed every year, take heart from the fact that these people and their erroneous Christmas activities exist. Here are twenty hilarious images of people getting Christmas wrong...
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