20 Hilarious Pornstar Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow

Pornstars on Twitter = Everything from financial advice to giving oral sex with hiccups.

Going through puberty in the early 1990s and becoming interested in the opposite sex meant that if you wanted to look at porn, you either had to borrow a well used VHS from a friend or rummage through roadside bushes looking for discarded porno mags. When you did find a few stuck together pages, it was like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and you immediately ran home to lock yourself in your bedroom for an hour. Things are of course very different now. With the explosion in internet porn, you have the freedom to access all the the pornograhy you wish with a few clicks in a search engine. And while some debate the pros and cons of this unprecedented access to porn, an off shoot consequence is that the internet has turned some pornstars into celebrities in their own right. Visit any porn expo and you will witness queues of men and women lining up to meet their favourite pornstar. All this would have been some sort of fantasy land and crazy talk to a pubescent boy growing up in the early 1990s. Like any celebrity, pornstars now need a presence on social media. Interactions with their fans are vital to keeping themselves relevant in the world of porn where the next new starlet is waiting to take their place. Some are better than others at the whole social media game while others just fill your twitter stream with endless invites to ''cam'' so therefore, to save you time, here are 20 pornstar twitter accounts that stand out from the rest and the ones you need to follow. We wish we lived their lives.

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