20 Incredibly Simple Swaps That Will Change Your LIfe

Real books not face books.

Beginning anew can be a complex task; it's usually saved only for the New Year, the first few days back after a long break when you're full of renewed vigour, and on the first day of school when you haven't quite remembered how much you hate it. Completely undergoing a transformation like that - such as tackling all of your New Year's resolutions (losing weight, going to the gym, reading more books, no late night drinking, responsible financial stuff) - can be extremely overwhelming and more often that not leads to crashing and burning, and breaking your new diet by cramming fistfuls of ice cream into your mouth while watching a Pixar marathon at 2am. However, making some little exchanges or swaps, one at a time, can be extremely beneficial and useful, allowing you to make some headway in achieving those larger, long-term goals, rather than just burning out quickly and failing. 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step' and all that, eh? So, if you're looking some lifestyle swapping tips, here are twenty of the best swaps and lifestyle choices you can make, that will change your life and make you as great as you can be.
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