The 20 Most Japanese Things That Ever Happened

Japan - where everyday is "why the hell not?"

If you thought America was weird; you haven't seen half the oddities that happen in Japan. The country have an abnormally high tolerance for strangeness, in particular when it comes to sex and pooping (not at the same time - but then again, that video will exist somewhere). It's not only their media and entertainment that appear to be completely bat-s**t insane: every day life in Japan is just as extreme. The cities are so overcrowded that people are actually employed as "pushers" to cram commuters onto packed trains; people stay in "capsule hotels" to save money; and so many people die from working too hard that they even have a special name for it. The country is home to the Suicide Forest (where 50 people killed themselves in 2010 alone), vending machines that sell underwear, and cafes where people pay to cuddle. Oh, and let's not forget, tentacle porn. It's always fun seeing the strange things Japan has to offer, not to mention disturbing, so without further ado - let us delve into the wonderfully weird world of the Japanese.
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