20 Jaw-Droppingly Weird Laws That Still Exist In America

Some rules were made to be ignored entirely.

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It might not be the Wild West anymore, but America is still occasionally bat-sh*t crazy. Some of its local laws are prime examples.

To understand America's fragmented legal system you need to take a look at how the country was founded. The States began with the signing of the Declaration of Independence by thirteen colonies, who were determined, no matter what, to be separate from each other.

The idea of a Federal Government freaked out the colonies so much that the original one put in place had very little power. And while today, people call it the United States of America without thought, back in 1776, each state thought of itself as able to leave the umbrella of the union at anytime. 

It was this fierce independence that allowed them to develop their own culture, values, and laws. Some very, very dumb laws. But then what do you expect when you get a lot of local people together to solve a small town problem like men with dirty moustaches kissing the womenfolk?

And that's not even the half of it...

20. Tennessee - You Cannot Hold Hands In High School

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Law's Origin: 2012

Risk of Prosecution: Shameful Stares

The state has been trying to decrease its rate of teenage pregnancies (highest in America) for years, but when sex education classes began including live performances of safe fellatio with toys and condoms, parents had had enough. Tennessee's government quickly passed a law, which outlawed all "gateway sexual activity." 

Since no one, not even those writing the bill, could define what that actually meant, it has since become known as the "no hands holding law."

The real problem is that teens in Tennessee are completely bored. Unless you love getting lost in the wooded mountains there is nothing to do. Install a few more malls; problem solved. And then maybe someone can think up some way to tackle Tennessee's overwhelming drug problem.

Our Rating: Tennessee - first state to regulate laws regarding its own opression


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