20 Life-Saving Things You Look Forward To At The Weekend

It only comes once a week after all...

The weekend; a period of time following the five-day working week named after the excellent Canadian artist. Okay, it might not be named for that reason, but there's little room for denying that the weekend is pretty much the best part of the seven-day week, as it gives you to relax, unwind, and do whatever your heart desires for the next forty eight hours - within reason, that is. People look forward to their weekends almost obsessively - you dream about it, usually starting on a Wednesday afternoon when you're staring at your computer screen and dreaming of a lie-in, of spending blissful hours doing whatever you want, of not having to deal with reports and meetings. Weekends are the oasis at the end of a long week and so what people choose to do them, is incredibly important, even if it's just napping a bit and taking longer showers to unwind. With everyone living for the weekend, and trying to enjoy it to the fullest extent, sometimes you might be looking for inspiration is something else to do. Something fresh, something exciting, something mundane but blissfully enjoyable. You know better than anyone what sort of things make you tick, but in case you're looking forward to the weekend but just cannot think of what to do, here are just twenty life-saving suggestions that you can do at the weekend...
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