20 Most Awe-Inspiring Wonders Of The World

You'll want to visit all 20 of these jaw-dropping places!

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Through both natural and man-made means, our world features some incredible designs, landmarks and monuments. Attracting millions of tourists each year, the wonders of Earth provide breathtaking views and experiences, and there's enough for even the most keen travellers to never tire of. From volcanoes, mountains, fjords, waterfalls and valleys to cathedrals, stadiums, temples and ancient cities, there is no end to the cultural symbols, landmarks and environments spread across the 197 nations and seven continents.

Whether you hold a preference for the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the history that comes with them, the new wonders and modern feats of construction and technology, or local national landmarks like Stonehenge, the vast pool of wonders is deep enough for everyone's travelling taste.

With the demands of work and home life, most will never see the majority of top attractions around the globe, but maybe with this list WhatCulture can help you prioritise the top 20 must see wonders of the world.

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