20 Problems Only Baristas Will Understand

And you thought one of those people who puts a leaf in the top of your coffee was incredibly happy didn't you?

Thor this drink I like itMarvelAnyone who is - or has been - a barista, will know there€™s no other torment quite like it. It masquerades as the ideal easy retail job where you just make drinks and send people on their way, but the reality is far darker. Baristas have to deal with everyone, from the old grumpy caffeine addict who can€™t function without his fix, to the woman takes an eternity to decide if she wants cream with that, or even the nut jobs, the crazy characters who are so far gone you wonder how they function in normal society (or escaped the attention of psychiatrists for that matter). Not to mention the people with orders that make baristas scream internally €“ seriously who orders a skinny, no foam, extra caramel mocha latte with a tiny bit of cream and no chocolate sprinkles? The fact is baristas are the unsung heroes in making sure you€™re served that cup of the coffee that help gets you through the day, that pushes you past the paperwork and back through your front door without your internal self-destruct button being flicked on. Here are the woes baristas must face. Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments below.

20. You Become An Addict

GiphyGiphyIt€™s a tough job; the hours are as long as the queues and you€™re constantly on your feet trying to manage several jobs at once. The truth is it€™s not as easy as it looks, and you need that little thing to help you get through the day. Before you know it, you€™re as addicted to the caffeine as your customers; you need sustenance and coffee becomes your only means to carry on.

19. Do You Pay Your Taxes?!

Simpsons SkinnerFoxIn late 2012, tax avoidance became the flavour of the month in the British media and Starbucks was named and shamed as one of the biggest offenders. The British public was narked and rightly so, the only downside is that every barista in the country had to do deal with backlash (whether you worked for Starbucks or not was irrelevant). It isn€™t such a rare thing nowadays that someone will come into the store and demand to know if the café you work for pays its dues before deciding to order.

18. €œOh, I Wanted That Iced.€

tumblrtumblrSummer is one of the worst times to be a barista, customers are feeling the heat (or whatever the British version of heat is) and the only thing that can quench their thirst is an iced coffee. It€™s ice drinks galore, the only problem is customers often forget to mention the €˜iced€™ part of their order and look dumbfounded when you place an ordinary latte in front of them, and then it's our fault.

17. Medium Or Large?

tumblrtumblr€œCappuccino,€ €œWhat size would you like that?€ €œOrdinary,€ €œIs that small, medium or large?€ €œOrdinary.€ Trying to find out what size your customer wants their drink is a constant battle and goes on far longer then is truly necessary. Half the time you ask a customer what size they would like they look at you like you just came up with the greatest racial slur anyone had ever thought of.
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