20 Problems Only Left Handed People Will Understand

There's a price to pay for being smarter than righties...

Left Handed Food Problems Left handed people have had a difficult time throughout history. Go back far enough and it seems that they were to blame for practically everything, with left-handedness seen as a mark of the devil, the sign of neurosis or an indication that a person was pondering rebellion or criminal activities. While today such a stigma isn't attached to left-handedness in the same way as it once was (most people have probably gotten over the notion of the devil being left handed, for one thing), lefties - as they are sometimes known - still sit apart in many respects from their right handed counterparts. While lefties only make up approximately 10% of the population, it's widely known, for instance, that they're often smarter, with tests proving that on average lefties possess a higher IQ than righties. Still, while there's evidence to suggest that lefties are also more creative than righties it isn't all positive, and there are plenty of things in life that are considerably more difficult for them to deal with, not least on account of the fact that we live in a right handed dominant world. Righties aren't exactly renowned for going out of their way to make things easier for lefties, and the daily life of a left handed person can be fraught with difficulties. Here are 20 of the many problems that only left handed people will understand.
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