20 Things You Didn't Know About Google

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We live in the information age. If you don't know something, you can just Google it. Or Bing it, if you live in some weird, off-brand alternate reality where people actually use Bing. All the world's knowledge lies at our finger tips, which is pretty chill when you think about it. How often do we really take advantage of that knowledge, however? Do we really know more as a result of the internet, smart phones, and Wikipedia? Well, no. But that's probably just because you didn't know to look.

On average every single internet user will access Google's search engine at least once a day, and yet, most of us don't know a whole lot about how this website that figures so largely into modern life actually works. What are their business practices? How much do they make in a year? How many people actually use it? And what's their dog policy?

All of these questions and more shall be answered through these twenty things you didn't know about Google.

20. They Buy Everything

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As a reflection of how much they invest, since the start of 2017, Google has, thus far, acquired seventeen companies. It might not be the same frequency they used to buy up companies, but the search engine monolith has a habit of buying up every exciting tech startup it comes across, from relatively small companies that boost their own tech to the likes of Picasa, Android, YouTube and Motorola Mobility.

They also insist employees spend 20% of their work time on their own projects, which they often buy up.

19. Just How Popular It Actually Is

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At this very second, there's something in the region of two million Google searches going on around the world. Overall, the homepage gets 620 million users per day, which is roughly half the population of the world. Which doesn't mean half the population of the world actually visit the site, but it does mean basically everyone on the internet does.

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