20 Things Only Harry Potter Fans Will Understand

On a scale of 0 to Voldemortal, how drunk were you this weekend?

Harry Potter Dumbledore Turn On The Light Quote Gif Gif There are some things that are difficult to get over: a bad breakup, when your best friend leaves for a gap year and of course Harry Potter. And to be perfectly frank, most fans have no intention of letting their love for JK Rowling's universe ever wane: it's very much a big life shaper. Chances are, if genies existed you would only need one wish and that would be to give up your muggle tendencies so that when you ran into brick walls at Kings Cross Station, you wouldn't break your neck and looking like an idiot. Despite the frustrating tendency of shops to sell boring pots and pans, you would love to be able to cook your meals in a cauldron; you've ditched "normal people" pens for a quill and ink and if you've probably already requested an owl for your next birthday gift. You constantly check the news for a glimpse of some new Harry Potter information or secrets, and you know in your heart that you will always belong to the Potter community and share some very particular feelings...

20. The Pain Of Not Being Able To Discover The Series For The First Time Again

You wish that you could steal Hermione's Time Turner and go back to a time where you didn't know who had put Harry's name into the Goblet Of Fire or that Sirius was the good guy all along and you want to fall so madly, deeply in love with it all again that you wish Gilderoy Lockhart was around to wipe your memory. You'll still shed a tear whenever you walk into the Great Hall in London at the Warner Brother Studios but it will never be as intense as the first time that you go and you see that curtain rise...
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