20 Things Only People From Merseyside Will Understand

Calm down like.

Calm Down Calm Down Merseyside is famed the world over for many things; chief among them The Beatles, The Capital of Culture, The Titanic (though we maybe shouldn't have been quite so cocky about that one). No matter where you are in the World, Merseyside is known for something and despite the stereotypical image of the working class joker - the loveable rogue €“ that tends to follow us outside the county limits; we€™re of course as diverse a group of people as any. That said, the place does have a distinct personality and its citizens are often thought of as lyrical storytellers, friendly and accommodating and with an unerring tenacity that€™s seen us through the harder times (of which there have been plenty). And we're welcoming to boot, thanks to our history as a major entry point into the UK. We have our negative labels of course. Doesn€™t every region? But as a people, we outshine these labels and anyone from the world at large who€™s spent any real time with a scouser (or even a wool) is usually guaranteed to possess a funny story or two. So eyhar lad, swerve work for a bit, chill yer beans, and get onto the 20 things only fellow Merseysiders will get their head €˜round.
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