22 Things That Only People Living In Edinburgh Will Understand

Salt and sauce please!

Edinburgh Montage Gif Gif As inspirations go, you can't get much better than Edinburgh. There are literally too many great things to say about Scotland's beautiful capital; from the street performers dominating any walking space along the Royal Mile, to admiring the pandas being lazy at the zoo and even having a little giggle at everyone who mispronounces 'Cockburn Street.' The city has an element of magic about it which is infectious to both tourists and locals but there are only so many festivals that you can handle in one year and Edinburgh has probably reached saturation point. But then, that's totally only because the people of Edinburgh know how to throw and host a good party with endless amounts of whisky and fireworks. So it's swings and roundabouts really. Of course you wouldn't change it for any other city in the world, but there are a few inside elements that only people who live in Edinburgh will understand...
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