20 Things You Only Understand If You're A Starbucks Addict

Don't get mocking my mocha.

Starbucks Secret Menu

Calling all Starbucks addicts, this list is here to defend and normalise our ‘weird’ habits.

Many people make fun of the 'SBux' enthusiasts because of their passion for the business and all of its creative ideas. But in truth, those same people just simply don’t understand the greatness of the coffee brand.

Over the years, Starbucks has become a second home to you. If there’s a bad shift at work or a stressful morning, it is the place to go to instantly boost your mood with all your favourite beverages and snacks. Some of your happiest moments in life have occurred within the coffee chain which is why you’re committed as a loyal patron to the corporation.

Admittedly, your obsession is a little bit out of hand these days but then again, it’s only delicious drinks and pastries you’re addicted to. What’s so harmful about that?

20. Your Registered Starbucks Card Is Your Most Prized Possession

Starbucks Secret Menu
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This should be a given for any true Starbucks addict.

In order to earn gold status on the registered card, there has to be fifty transactions made in a Starbucks shop within the space of a year. Once you’ve done that and reached the one year anniversary of registering your card, you have achieved gold level with all the benefits of green level status as well.

The green level entitles you to free select syrups and milk, free refill on brewed coffee or tea, free beverages with whole bean purchase and free trial offers. And then with gold level, there comes the extra benefits of a free drink with every 15 stars and personalised offers.

You can’t remember a time when you didn’t have your Starbucks card, green or gold, because it’s helped you so much along the way.

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