20 Things You Should Never Say To A Teacher

Reason for detention: being an idiot.

Being a teacher is a very admirable job as it requires the patience, diligence and creativity of a god if you do it right. Not only will you be adored by your peers but also by your students, and that is a very humbling thing indeed. You need to be a Jack Of All Trades across the academic board if you're a primary school teacher and the secondary school teachers have to put up with teenagers. As imagined, this can be a hell of a struggle. People tend to forget or overlook the sheer amount of hours that you put in behind the scenes too; the homework you have to grade, the assemblies and presentations you need to give as well as the Parents' Evenings, which are the highlight of your academic year. The hours of planning and searching for teaching materials are also the bane of your life and the pressure of trying to make your lessons fun and engaging is harder than choosing between which student you dislike the least. With each profession, there are a list of phrases which you should just keep to yourself so here are a few that all teachers are restraining themselves from punching you in the face with, whilst simultaneously counting down the days until Friday.

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