21 Embarrassing Situations That Prove You Shouldn't Add Your Parents On Facebook

Your parents are online and they just don't get it.

Yer ma and yer da are on Facebook and they're here to stay. Whether they're posting downright filthy comments on some sex tip page, humiliating you with photos of you covered in cake at your 3rd birthday party or posting photos of them on holiday, drinking cocktails, with the caption "About to get some action", they're embarrassing as hell and they must be stopped. Your parents are only human though. They're seeking the bountiful human interaction that can only come from sitting behind a screen, slowly flicking through photos, laughing whenever they see an old school friend who's "got fat", and occasionally hitting the like button when they see someone reminiscing about the 'good old day'. What about you? You're not perfect. You've posted your way through some of the worst nights of your life with crying emojis and T-Swift lyrics, plus anyone who goes back a few years will see you proclaiming that you didn't choose to be a 'playa', being a 'playa' chose you. So why not cut your parents some slack? After all, they're new at this, just as you once were. Until their netiquette catches up with yours though, you can always take some comfort from the knowledge that, if nothing else, there's no way your parents are as bad as this lot...
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