21 Problems Only 80s Kids Will Understand

Grew up in the 1980s? Then you'll be able to relate!

The 1980s - what a time to have grown up. It really was a very unique decade and a great one to have experienced first hand. Items of technology were just starting to evolve into the kind of things everybody takes for granted today, the pop culture of the decade was unmistakable across the board and everyone was walking around looking, quite frankly, ridiculous. While every era has its trademarks and stereotypes, no other era is so easily identifiable. Any image from the 1980s is instantly recognisable as being such and it is that characteristic in particular which makes it such a special time. But it wasn't all plain-sailing! Oh no! Looking back, it was a trying time which posed problems and presented people with obstacles and difficulties every single day - especially in comparison to modern times. Most people enjoyed the 1980s for what they were at the time and look back upon them fondly, but it's when you compare the lives of 80s children to those of people growing up today that you realise they were actually pretty damn annoying and inconvenient. That said, nobody would change their 80s experiences for the world, but the decade certainly came with its issues. On that note, here are twenty-one problems only 80s kids will understand...
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