21 Problems Only Dancers Will Understand

And a 5, 6, 7, 8!

Dance: it's a universal art form. After all, everyone finds themselves grooving to the music at some point in their lives, whether it be in a club, at a school dance, at a party, or even in their kitchen with the radio blaring. From the tiniest citizens of the world to the oldest, all people can be united through dance. It is truly something that anyone can do, anywhere, and at anytime. Unfortunately, having dance be so approachable can make life hard for those people who choose it as their passion, or even their profession. Because everyone thinks they "know" dance, the problems of devoted dancers are often glossed over, understated, or ignored all together. People don't really think about the long hours of rehearsal, the struggles and successes, and the cliched blood, sweat, and tears behind the beauty. I mean, if any old person can bust a sweet move in their bedroom, it can't be that much harder to do something similar in a studio or onstage, right? Wrong! For dancers, their art is their life - and, like any other passion, is full of problems. Remember, just because it's pretty doesn't mean it isn't hard work!

21. Getting Weird Looks For Dancing Down Supermarket Aisles

supermarket dance A long stretch of smooth, empty tile? For a dancer, that's kryptonite: what better place to practice turns, leaps, or even full-out routines? And it's totally fine when the aisle is empty - the world is your stage, after all - but once someone turns the corner and catches you mid-improv, you'll be hit with the most judgmental, "Bloody hell?" look that you could ever hope to experience. It will be oh-so embarrassing. But it doesn't matter; you know that, next time that sweet open space presents itself to you, you'll be dancing again.

20. "You're A Dancer? Show Me Something!"

Seriously? Do you also ask rugby players to tackle someone on the spot? Mathematicians to solve quadratic formulas? Bakers to whip you up a cherry pie? Probably not. So what makes you think a dancer will hear those words and break out a quadruple pirouette ending in a full split right on the spot? That's absolutely ludicrous (not to mention highly annoying for said dancer). Dancer? Yes. Performer-on-demand? Not even remotely.
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