21 Very Real Makeup Problems Every Female Can Relate To

The struggle is real.

Life is an endless labour of challenges and failures... but eventually, you'll get your makeup right. Still, the most adept cosmetic lovers among us can muck things up once in a while. All it takes is that one sneeze in the midst of intense mascara application; the oily skin that never fails to break through your prison of finely-applied foundation, and the sheer tension of perfecting cat eyes when you're strapped for time... you don't just ask someone with winged eyeliner why they're late for something.

And let's not forget the face-furniture that frames it all - the eyebrows. Our hearts go out to those women who over-plucked their brows in the €˜90s: never again will you be able to flaunt a beautiful well-groomed arch; well, unless you really did put those tweezers down forever. It takes years to get your eyebrows looking healthy again, and then there's the matter of styling them. The brow game is demanding, and don't we know it.

Cleansing wipes at the ready: what follows are the positively agonising first world problems any makeup obsessive will have stumbled across at some point. Never forget - a woman is helpless only when her nails are drying.

21. Wearing Lipgloss When It's Windy

Lipgloss. Hair. The elements. No.

20. The Very Moment You Accidentally Hit Your Nails After Painting Them

FFFFFFUUUUUU! What will it be this time: your mobile, a door handle... or the dog? Nine times out of ten you'll need to pee immediately after laying down two perfect coats of stunning lacquer. Sorry bladder, you'll have to wait.
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