21 Science Facts You Won't Believe Are True

Whip these out to make yourself sound clever at parties.

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Science is an ever moving, ever changing behemoth, made up of a vast mish mash of knowledge, questions, experiments and answers.

Seeing as science is all about discovering the weird and wonderful secrets of the universe, it should come as no surprise that, sometimes, it throws something out there so bizarre that you almost think it couldn't possibly be true.

Whether it concerns a far flung planet in the dark void of space, a weird quirk of our own evolution, or a strange creature from the deep ocean, science has always had the ability to shock and surprise us and you can't help but feel it hasn't finished with us yet.

Let's start with this ill-advised medical practice:

21. Coconut Water Can Be Given Intravenously (Injected Straight Into The Bloodstream)

ICU IV 1 injection

When a patient is severely dehydrated, they will sometimes have a saline solution injected directly into their bloodstream to replace fluids and electrolytes.

On the rare occasions that no medical saline is available, coconut water, with its composition of of sugar, sodium, potassium, and other electrolytes can be used as a short-term replacement for blood plasma in extreme circumstances. It is, however, probably more pleasant to just drink it.

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