21 TV Adverts That Sent 90s Kids Wild

You would have given away all your Pogs to get your hands on these...

A traditional nineties Christmas would be spent laid out on the carpet in front of the gas fire with the Argos catalogue and a pen in hand, furiously circling one dream item per page. Then the adverts would come on TV and you would be running full speed to your parents, dragging them by the hand to look at what amazing items were on the screen, begging them to take you to the nearest Toys R Us immediately. You don't care if you're in your pyjamas, so why should they. The world of advertising - cruel, twisted, but yet very effective ways to grab the attention of small children and have them drooling at the screen. Kids running around on your TV playing with all these new, cool toys and looking as if they are having the time of their lives. You don't know how much these crazy gadgets and gizmos cost and you didn't care as long as by the time you open up your eyes on Christmas Day there would be lot's of parcels piled up for you to rip open. In those days you needed more battery power in your house than electricity as everything would run off double AA's. Here's a blast from the past, showing you exactly what your Christmas Wish List looked like in the 90's thanks to the advertising bosses behind these products...
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