22 Problems Only Gym Goers Will Understand

21. Spending Most Of The Session On The Phone

One of the top annoyances of gym goers is having to wait to use a piece of equipment. Sure, sometimes the gym is busy and you have to skip a set, but sometimes it's not busy. Sometimes the only reason you have to skip that set is because the slack jawed zombie sitting on the bench is waist deep in social media. If only he would raise his blue mobile-phone reflecting face to notice someone waiting to use his station, he would postpone that game of Angry Birds and finish his set. Speaking of social media...

20. Gym Facebook Status

The Facebook gym status comes in many forms. 'Big session at the gym today, soon I'll have to deposit all these gains at the muscle bank'. 'Just got in from the gym, new PB feeding the dumbbells to my PYTHONS!' 'something something LEG DAY'. Does the world really need to know how much you lifted, how far you ran or if you've mastered the burpee? Training is supposed to be personal, it's about competing with yourself, reaching your own targets and goals. If you go to the gym and fail to check in with Facebook, you won't erase the work you have done. If you forget to discuss the finer points of a wide grip pull up with your news feed, your deltoids will not dissolve.

19. Curling In The Squat Rack

There are things in this world that no-one should ever do, drink and drive, punch a police officer or stand too close at a urinal. But at the very top of this list, above and beyond sky diving without a parachute, is curling in the squat rack. The quintessential gym faux pas, it's like parking in the disabled bay and justifying it by saying 'it's still a space'. It makes absolutely no sense; why take up an area that offers the space and security to perform one of the most demanding and beneficial exercises, and use it to improve your direction giving ability...which way IS the beach skinny man?
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