22 Things All Debenhams Employees Will Understand

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Whether you're a fan of the pink striped shirt or not, you wear it with pride because you love your job and you've tried your hardest to be able to pull it off. No one has swag like a Debenhams employee, and most people don't have to climb as many stairs in their day as you do so at least you're saving money on a gym membership. Seriously, thank goodness for the invention of escalators. Whilst it may be Britain's and your favourite department store, you're going to have your good days and your bad days. Although this can be said for any retail store, you sometimes have to convince yourself that you do love your job whereas some days you'll be crying for overtime because you don't want to go home. That's dedication. Of course, this will all end when you get that one customer who comes in and always loves to complain to you about their life. This customer only ever comes in when there's a sale on and always finds something to talk about, even if it is about their cat. Of course, every time they come in, you try to be patient and understanding, but your manager always catches you in the act and reiterates that you're paid to work and not to listen. But some customers become a part of your daily routine and you have all the time in the world for them, you just need to make sure that you're in the camera's blind spot. There are a number of things that all Debenhams employees will be able to appreciate even if you no longer work there, surely you still cherish all of those fond memories?

22. The Struggle Of Running Out Of Medium Sized Bags

There comes in a day in your Debenhams career when you might run out of medium sized carrier bags, and you'd better prepare yourself for the outrage and wrath of the customers that will follow "I'm so sorry, we only have little or big bags left, which one would you prefer?" They'll look at you like you've just insulted their mother and of course, running out of bags is definitely your fault. Whilst some people don't mind at all and use carrier bags that they're already carrying, some people will wait for that delivery to come in - even if it isn't due for another two days.
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