22 Things All Girls Who Went To School In The 2000s Will Understand

Emo or chav - there was no in-between.

You always hated it when people told you that your school years are the best years of your life, because at the time, you never believed them. You thought your life was so hard with all of your teenage angst, the mountain of homework that you were laden with every night, and no matter how much glitter you had in your hair, that boy never took any notice. Now you look back on life and wish that you could go back to school. You would be able to see your friends every day and marvel at how epic your banter was and in reality, ten pieces of homework per week was a doddle compared to your University dissertation which will never be mentioned ever again. There were certain things that most school kids experienced during the 00s years and oh my, how cool you thought you were...

22. Your Tie Length Was A Sign Of How Cool You Were

Jay The Inbetweeners Short Tie Gif Gif

If you wore your tie the correct length so it was touching your waistband, you were an absolute nerd and you needed to re-think your whole outlook on life. Everyone knew that the only acceptable length was for the tip of your tie to be touching your collarbone - if that were even possible. You also needed the biggest knot you could make just so people knew never to mess with you, as the tie speaks for itself.

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