23 Problems All Retail Workers Understand

It'd be great, if it wasn't for the customers.

There comes a time in a person€™s life where they must leave all sense of dignity behind and take a job that€™s going to pay their way through life, and that job is in retail. Usually, this is known as the €œStudent Phase€, and you€™ll find most high street stores are full of these people, clocking in for four hour shifts for no reason other than to fuel their liver-ravaging social habits. But that€™s not to say that all retail workers are students, as the age spectrum is insanely broad. But one thing unites all of them: the hatred of the business. They may not dislike their job as such, but they€™ll definitely hate the little details. After all, it€™d be a great job, if it wasn€™t for all the€customers. So let€™s take a look at the worst things the slaves to the wage of retail must endure in the name of funding that Saturday night pub crawl. For some of you, these disturbing accounts will be nothing but horrible, distant memories, but for the rest of us, they€™re a chilling experience which haunts our very existence. So add your sufferings in the comments section, if you€™ve still got your sanity about you.

23. The Bolted On Smile

We€™re taught to be cheery and full of sunshine and rainbows at all times, whatever the situation. So yes, madame, I totally agree that you should get a refund for your six month old, very much worn underwear, and please, continue to throw them at my head, as my hygiene comes second to your customer rights.

22. The Optimistic Sizer

Those of a nervous social disposition dread this most of all. A lady of larger stature comes striding towards your till, doughnut in hand, and lays out an exhibition of bikinis, all of which in a size six. Everyone€™s entitled to wear whatever they like, it€™s a free country, but the flossing walrus look is not an image we needed. Which leads us to€

21. Meetings With The Health And Safety Guy

Health. And. Safety. Are there three more blood boiling words in the English language? We all know not to run with scissors or feed a Mogwai after midnight, so why do we need a 45 minute lecture about it? We work in a clothes shop, what possible untold dangers can possibly come from not being given a specialist course in the art of box lifting?
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