25 Awesome Things To (Still) Look Forward To In 2014

Christmas lists at the ready.

September can be a tricky one, with the majority of us suffering either from the back to work or school blues. Add to this dour mood those dreaded gloomy mornings and early evenings drawing in and it€™s safe to say that summer is almost gone. But don€™t despair, and please refrain from ordering that special lamp through Human Resources to cure this nasty bout of Seasonal Affective Disorder you may have caught, as hope is here. Said beacon of light comes in the form of our compendium of awesome €“ a list of twenty five things to really get excited about from now up until the end of 2014. Our list is comprised of movies, TV shows, musical events, literature and video games all of which will be ushered in by the year€™s close. Before you eagerly hit the arrow to start your trawl through the great things the last third of the year has to offer, it€™s well worth mentioning that among the nuggets of awesome we€™ve featured, there is at least one film included that we suspect will end up as the highest grossing of the year, a sure-fire Emmy winner, a trio of videogames that are jostling to be the year€™s top seller and, whisper it, a potential Best Picture Oscar winner. The future is very much a bright one and once you read this slice of pop culture positivity you will come out the other side feeling the same. So, have a read and find something awesome to look forward to.

25. Kick Ass 3

Why Get Excited? For those that didn't purchase the third chapter in Marvel€™s offbeat comic book series when it was unleashed in its serialised form earlier this year, you now have the chance to own the whole bloody saga with the release of this hardcover edition. As far as curtain closers go, this third (and final?) entry in the series ties things up in an explosive manner as Dave Lizewski €“ aka Kick Ass €“ has to deal with Hit Girl being in jail as he tackles criminals, corrupt cops and his own misgivings about being a superhero. When€™s It Out? Expect this compendium to hit shops in early September. 9780785184881 P0 V2 S600 394x600

Shaun is a former contributor for a number of Future Publishing titles and more recently worked as a staffer at Imagine Publishing. He can now be found banking in the daytime and writing a variety of articles for What Culture, namely around his favourite topics of film, retro gaming, music, TV and, when he's feeling clever, literature.