25 Disturbing Facts You Really Don't Want To Know

11. Human Remains At Disneyland

People often scatter the ashes of deceased relatives over grounds they found endearing in life. The action is symbolic, meant to release the spirit in a place of peace. Kind of like a surfer who wants to return to the ocean in death so his friends scatter his ashes over the waves. An ashes-to-ashes; dust-to-dust sort of thing. The only problem is when people start dumping human remains over the park grounds of Disneyland. For years Disney has received countless requests for ash dumping permission and has denied all of them, but that hasn't stopped people from executing the ritual while on a ride. Ever notice how dusty certain parts of the Haunted House ride look? Well, that's because it happens to be the most popular point in Disneyland to deposit the remains of the dead. The employees do their best to clean it up, but they never get all of it. So the Haunted House ride really is filled with the angry ghosts of people whose ashes got scattered, only to be mostly scooped up and thrown in a trash can.
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