25 Disturbing Facts You Really Don't Want To Know

22. 20% Of Office Mugs Contain Faecal Matter

If you are a respectable desk jockey, working long hours to meet important deadlines and fighting to take home the bacon, then you're probably no stranger to a cup of morning coffee. Many of us can relate to needing two cups when we first rise just to get our hearts pumping. However, if you're taking coffee to the office, you may want to pay real close attention to the paragraph below. Coffee mugs used in office spaces are perceptible to containing human poop. That's any mug used in an office, even the one you brought with you from home. The reason is, like many other germs we cannot see, faeces gets spread around a lot more than we would like to believe. Think about it. Just how clean is that break room at work where you wash your mug out each morning? Bingo, brown in your brew. If you want to avoid being another unsuspecting poop drinker take your mug home every evening and wash the crap out of it.
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