25 Secrets Of Walt Disney World That You Didn't Know

There's magic all around you at Walt Disney World.

Cinderella Castle Disney World

Walt Disney World is a place filled with magic. Every year 17.2 million visitors make a trip to the Magic Kingdom alone, let alone the three other theme parks at Walt Disney World.

Behind almost every attraction, land or scenery there is usually a hidden story waiting to be explored.

There are hidden stories, Easter Eggs to spot and magic that you need to look carefully to see...

25. Train Station Theatre

Magic Kingdom Train Station

When Walt Disney envisioned Disneyland he pictured a show like no other.

The Magic Kingdom Train Station was built to represent your entrance into a movie theatre. Guests enter through the arches and pass the posters of the upcoming attractions, just like you would at any trip to the movies.

Once on Main Street you can see the credits begin to role as you look at the upper windows of Main Street USA. Those are the names of those who helped to create the park.

After making their way down to the hub, visitors are in the show, immersed into the adventures that Walt Disney has put has created for you to enjoy.

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