25 Tweets President Trump Wants You To Forget

Brace yourself, America.

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For better or for worse, it's been one hell of an historic, unforgettable week for American politics. Donald Trump is now the incumbent President of the United States, and the Internet has been abuzz with shades of horror and celebration.

Regardless of whatever side you fall down on, it's safe to say that Trump has no intention of reining in his freedom of speech, frequently speaking his mind on subjects regardless of whether he's done research on said area or not.

His Twitter profile is a fascinating monument to strong-willed ignorance to a degree once merely harmlessly hilarious, though years later, as he stands a few short months away from being sworn-in, it is legitimately quite terrifying.

Though Trump is so arrogant he'd probably try and defend some of the tweets, now that he's actually got to be a President and all, he just might want you to forget about them. Here are 25 of the worst...

25. Fake Crime Statistics


Trump caught a ton of ire last year when he re-tweeted this image which made claims about murder statistics between races...which turned out to be totally false.

The cited source for the data was San Francisco’s Crime Statistics Bureau...which doesn't actually exist.

More to the point, the image cites 81% of white murder victims were killed by black people, when in fact official statistics from the FBI put the number at around the 15% mark.

The fact the U.S. even has a President prepared to accept these numbers at face value is beyond embarrassing: it's legitimately terrifying.

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