27 Embarrassingly Awkward Facebook Exchanges

From social suicide to horrendous break-ups, these Facebook exchanges are sure to make you physically cringe!

For one reason or another, Facebook seems to facilitate people in saying the sort of thing that they never would face to face. Despite the fact that the service isn't anonymous, Facebook has been host to some explosive arguments and terrible break-ups in its decade-long history. On the bright side (for us, anyway), screenshots mean that many of the most memorable of these incidents have been immortalised forever. Unlike real life, it's hard to deny anything that was said on Facebook, regardless of how life-ruining they may have been. This list takes a look at 27 of the most ridiculously awkward situations that have taken place on Facebook. From the hilarious to the painfully cringeworthy, these Facebook exchanges will have you cringing in embarassment for everyone involved. Prepare to cover your eyes, there's an uncomfortable journey ahead.

27. Those Pesky Warped Door Designs

27 Facebook Warped

26. Why Post That You're In The Shower Anyway?

26 Facebook Shower

25. 33 Spanks

25 Facebook Spank
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