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3 Very Special Offers (Possibly) Coming To A Convenience Store Near You

This is so much better than just a 2 for 1

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Circle K

Ping pong lessons, free hair styles and weird family portraits? These are certainly not your usual convenience store offers. So imagine the delight when Circle K surprised a few lucky customers with something quite out of the ordinary.

What can be done to make life on the go a little easier while having some fun too? Chances are you’d probably not expect this question to come from a chain of convenience stores, but that is exactly why Circle K decided to go above and beyond to showcase this philosophy to their customers. Crazy, ingenious, and definitely very amusing, they put together three special offers which aimed to capture the essence of the Circle K spirit in a fun and loving way. While these offers, seen in the film below, might be slightly tongue in cheek, that doesn’t take anything away from the experience.

First off, Circle K offered a free hairdo when buying a hotdog – an offer that wasn't necessarily reserved for those with hair to begin with, as the film brilliantly demonstrates. The second very special offer gave away a free family photo when buying a cup of coffee, and it quickly became apparent that modern Circle K families are anything but traditional. In a good way, of course. The final offer aimed to make life on the road a little more fun, by offering ping-pong lessons when purchasing a Polar Pop, an offer that leaves only one question: where do we sign up?


Only bound by the restrictions of imagination, who's to know what offers might come next. And although you’ll probably not get an actual hairdo when buying a hot dog, you can always expect that little extra from Circle K. With team members who are more than happy to go an extra mile, Circle K's whole focus is on looking to help make life on the go that little bit easier.

Anyone who views the films will quickly spot the friendly and delightful spirit of their team members, which makes all the difference when you're looking to stop somewhere any time you hit the road. And if you do you might just run into someone like Mike, the charismatic Circle K team member who charmed the socks off everyone on set and ended up as the star of the films, even though he was initially supposed to stay behind the scenes. Now, that’s what we call an American dream!


Circle K has become one of the most widely recognized convenience store brands, known worldwide for quality products and great customer service.