30 Most Awesomely 90s Images You'll Ever See

Nothing says "1990s" quite like these pictures.

What a time to be alive the '90s was: everyone went round looked like pop group rejects with highlighted hair, scrunchies and stick on earrings worn without even the slightest hint of irony, drinking heavily sugared luminous drinks and nursing the scars on their wrists from hours of carefree slap bracelet play. And if you got any of those references, this is just the nostalgic trip back to the decade that improbably relaunched tie-dye that you've been looking for.

30. The Spice Girls At The Brits

With five nominations and two wins, the iconic 1990s act the Spice Girls had a very successful Brit Awards evening in 1997. Here they are performing at said awards, with Geri Halliwell wearing the famous Union Jack dress.
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