5 Kinds Of People You Always Meet At A Party

party We all like a good party, right? No matter what walk of life you're from, you likely attend parties. Are you a college student? You do keggers. Are you a multi-millionaire world famous actor that has recently been nominated for an award for your stunning portrayal of an important historical figure? You attend the Academy Awards (and the famous after-parties). Or if you're John C. Reilly, you probably do both. But regardless of who we are and what walk of life we originate from, the parties that we all attend are also frequented by five strangely specific types of people. Today we'll take a look at these people, and figure out how to recognize them and, in some cases, ignore them.

5. The Butterfly

butterflyWhat They Are: A person who is focused on talking to as many people as humanly possible in the short space of time that the party allows. They'll probably have a 30-second conversation with everybody, staying only long enough to learn your name, remember your face, and probably figure out which social network to find you on. Then they will move on. The Butterfly is normally a female between the ages of 16-25, though this is in no way a rule. The Butterfly can be anybody, any gender, any age. Threat? Nah, the Butterfly is safe as they come. There will be only a short conversation before they move along.
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