5 Reasons Joe Rogan Just Isn't The Same On Spotify

Is it just us, or is JRE different now? A breakdown of new platform changes.


There have been a lot of changes for the Joe Rogan Experience against the backdrop of 2020, including a move to Texas and the complications of the Covid-19 pandemic. What may prove to be the most significant of all is the decision for the podcast to become a Spotify exclusive, effective as of December 2020.

Some eyebrows were raised at the sheer size of Spotify's outlay on securing the rights to the Joe Rogan Experience, which was first announced back in May. The deal is worth $100m, which is the equivalent of 26 billion songs streamed for musicians paid through Spotify's traditional payment model.

We are still to see the long-term effects of the partnership, with a very mixed picture painted by an impressive initial boost Spotify’s financial outlook, contrasting with fears that not as many YouTube viewers have made the migration to the new platform as had been hoped.

Some may be teething issues, some may prove to be popular in the long term, and some may even change the show forever, but its difficult to deny there have been a few changes in the general vibe of the show since the switch.

Read on as we comb through the reasons for that weird feeling that things are different now.


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