5 Reasons Why Phonebloks Probably Won't Work

5. It's Butt Ugly

Screen Shot 2013 09 16 At 2 54 31 Pm Say what you will about the iPhone's internal specs, but the Apple phone looks b-e-a-utiful! And that is the primary factor consumers base their decisions on: Aesthetics. Ask any designer, whether clothing, web or landscape, aesthetic appeal is a huge necessesity when designing a phone. And the phone blocks don't have any. I doubt that's a big deterrent for some, but marketwide acceptance will rely on this. Perhaps if more manufacturers and designers came on board, nicer designs will be produced. Remember, this isn't a product, or even a prototype we've seen so far. It is purely an idea, that may or may not be changed and modified as it takes shape. What we see in the youtube adds is purely to vehicle to demonstrate the underlying principle of the Phoneblok, not the phoneblok itself.
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