5 Reasons Why Phonebloks Probably Won't Work

3. Updating Would Create More Wastage

Screen Shot 2013 09 16 At 2 59 56 Pm What happens when technology upgrades? A new processor, graphics card, battery, wifi standard, etc. Everything will change, and not everything will be compatible with the underlying motherboard that the Phoneblok One came out with. Essentially, you will probably have to upgrade your phone again, whether in little bits and pieces, or in one lump sum, mainboard included. This defeats the purpose of the Phoneblok, designed to reduce e-waste, however it could potentially end up producing just as much (if not more). When I buy computers, I buy individual bits and pieces. I then upgrade these bits and pieces as standards change, new graphics card or processors come out, or as old pieces grow old and stop working. What this means, is that in the time I have had a computer, I have probably wasted three or four computers worth of parts. Sometimes I recycle them, upgrading other computers in my home, or I keep them as spares, to fix my computers, or friends computers. However, me thinking that by constantly upgdrading an existing a computer, I am saving the environment, is false. It just means I'm more likely to buy (and waste) a whole computer over the course of a year, rather than buy a computer every couple of years. This would be a danger with the Phoneblok. By upgrading pieces when you want new ones, rather than every two years when the contract expires, more wastage could potentially be created.

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