5 Reasons Why You Should Read H.P. Lovecraft, Now

His writing is weird and esoteric enough that once read, you will always out-nerd anyone around you.

I greeted the arrival of €œPrometheus€ with excitement, but some chagrin. It looked like a great movie--and unlike many, I thought it was great after I saw it--but it felt uncomfortably familiar. Its tale of exploration, subterranean delving, and ancient aliens was very similar to one of my favorite stories by my favorite author, €œAt the Mountains of Madness€ by H.P. Lovecraft. What€™s worse is most of the people who see and debate €œPrometheus€ wouldn€™t even know this connection. H.P. Lovecraft, a writer of €œweird fiction€ who lived from 1890-1937, published a great amount of stories in the pulp magazines of his time. He told tales of fantastical landscapes, macabre interests, and unfortunate attempts to delve into hidden places for forgotten and forbidden knowledge. Lovecraft died poor and mostly unknown, but his fame spread soon after his death and he is now acknowledged as a creator of modern horror and even a serious literary figure. Yes, he was a bit of a racist, and yes many of his stories involve almost-comical figures--powerful armies of cats, winged beasts that tickle you before they drop you into the abyss. But if you are a fan of modern sci-fi or horror, it is difficult to avoid his influence. And Lovecraft€™s works are often superior to the memes he inspired. Most importantly, though, his writing is weird and esoteric enough that you will always out-nerd anyone around you. Here are 5 reasons why every sci-fi/horror fan must read H.P. Lovecraft, now. So read H.P. Lovecraft, and you too can be cool. Well, €œcool.€
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