5 Sex 'Myths' That Are Totally True (And 4 'Facts' That Are Nonsense)

It can break?

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For something that the vast majority of humans do at some point or other (ideally more often that that), there is still a lot of myth and mystery surrounding the shady world of sexy time.

When you think about it, there's no particularly good reason to be any more squeamish about sex than eating food - both are, objectively, equally as bizarre. But, for some reason, we either tend to snigger like schoolchildren, blush like a bride or make those stridently "we're so frank and open" documentaries on Channel 4, invariably featuring a woman with a blunt fringe putting a condom on a needlessly detailed model.

Anyway, the net result of this faffing about is that it can be difficult to tell the fact from the fiction. It begins in school when your mate Baz starts every sentence with "I've heard, right..." and only gets worse when you start reading Cosmo sex tips (many of which, by the way, will put you in hospital) and going on ill-advised on Tinder dates.

Sometimes, a sexy "fact" will be peddled about, despite having no basis in reality and, sometimes, an insane sounding "myth" will emerge that actually turns out to be true.

So, in the name of science and good sex, let's bust a couple of myths.

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