5 Things That Prove Bob Lazar May Not Be Lying About Area 51

4. Element 115 And Anti-Gravity Envelope Theory

People were quick to speculate how spacecraft actually work once Lazar came forward and fortunately, he was able to give the world some insight. In his alleged experience reverse engineering the craft, he stated that the craft use an element simply known as Element 115 for fuel and can create ‘Anti-Gravity Envelopes’ when they enter an atmosphere.

Lazar’s anti-gravity envelope explanation suggests that when a UFO enters a planet's atmosphere, it blocks the air resistance by constructing an anti-gravity field around it. It does this by creating a vacuum in front of it so the air doesn’t reach the craft. As a result, the craft can achieve seemingly impossible maneuvers such as stopping dead from high speeds and making sharp angular turns.

Although this is an interesting theory, there is no solid evidence to prove it but, there is evidence of Element 115. When Lazar made his claims concerning it, there was no known element which contained 115 protons casting doubts on his claims. But in 2003, Russian scientists were able to synthesise a chemical element named Moscovium with the atomic number 115. How could Lazar have known about Moscovium 14 years before it was discovered?


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