50 Ridiculous Ways You Didn't Know You Could Break The Law

Never, ever wet the bed if you're over the age of 8 in Colorado...

Liar Liar Lift Gif There's no doubting that laws are good things: if it wasn't for the rigid system of government, we'd probably all be living in a Mad Max like future, ruled by the nastiest people with the biggest guns, where everyone just did as they damn well pleased without fear of repercussions. But sometimes laws go too far - not just in the strict control of freedoms, but in terms of what they've actually defined as criminal activity. Yes, we all know (hopefully) that killing a man should be met with punitive measures, but why would anyone questions that it wasn't okay to force a kangaroo to drink more than 6 bottles of beer in Australia. And why the hell does that law not limit kangaroo alcohol consumption to zero bottles of beer, like a normal sane person might suggest?! Somewhat typically, given the number of local authorities, it is in America where the majority of the world's silly laws exist, so that's where this article will focus. For a bill to become law in America on the state level is about the same as it is on the federal level. Someone has to propose it, it has to get sponsors, be drafted, sent to committee (multiple times), be revised (where it is again sent to committee), if it has to do with money it has to go to finance, a Floor Vote where it has to get the majority, and then it is sent to the Governor who will sign it or veto it. Even before all that, it probably has to be pre-dated by the actual crime in question, which makes some of the more ludicrous additions on this list even more baffling. And it's not just the US who have these silly rules - one man was recently arrested for arson for dropping a cigarette, because it eventually burned down a crisps factory - despite the fact that the man only had the mental capacity of a fourteen year old. That's just poor judgement, on both accounts. Additionally, there are actual rules in the UK that state that MPs are not allowed to don armour in Parliament, as if they were all turning up dressed as knights, but on the other hand it is legal for a male to urinate in public, as long it is on the rear wheel of his motor vehicle and his right hand is on the vehicle. Let's be clear though, this article won't be about criticising our police and law department, people do enough of that already - it will be about crazy laws that you may break every day - or you may find it impossible the circumstances ever arose for a bill to take place...
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