6 Bonkers Conspiracy Theories Behind Famous Assassinations

We take a light hearted look at what some nutcases truly believe in regarding history's most famous assassinations.

Is there anything that gets professional and amateur conspiracy theorists buzzing as much as a famous assassination? Other than the Moon Landing and whether or not Aliens exist, I highly doubt it. There are so many different theories out there that range from the plausible to the downright absurd. Everyone knows the more famous theories, particularly surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In this article we take a light hearted look at some of the more obscure conspiracies surrounding famous assassinations.

1. John Lennon Shot By Stephen King

The Theory: Stephen Lightfoot€™s aptly named booklet Stephen King Shot John Lennon sets out his belief that the legendary musician was assassinated by the novelist Stephen King. In this 24 page booklet, the author goes about un-weaving a conspiracy that reaches right to the top. According to Lightfoot, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan arranged for the not yet famous Stephen King to assassinate John Lennon through government codes in major magazines. He also suggests that King€™s own writing, even years before the assassination all ties in with Lennon€™s murder. Lightfoot goes on to suggest that when Stephen King was run over by a van in 1999 it was €œa government attempt to kill King to silence my earthshaking story€. Why It€™s Bonkers: Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon. After shooting Lennon, Chapman did not run, he sat reading Catcher in the Rye (more on that later) until the police arrived. After attempted pleas of not guilty due to insanity, Chapman admitted to gunning down Lennon and has since shown remorse for his actions. Lightfoot would say you cannot trust a guilty plea, but frankly all the evidence is there. If what Lightfoot has to say is real hard truth, and Stephen King is really John Lennon€™s assassin, then why does he charge people to read what he has to say? Lightfoot is a particularly peculiar individual, if you read his material he even suggests that he had an affect on the 1992 Presidential Election and was responsible for Clinton€™s victory. A bold claim if I ever saw one. Saying that, I haven't read his entire booklet, I don't have spare cash to spend on the ravings of a lunatic. If I really feel the desire to read something of this ilk, then I'm pretty sure my friend owns Russell Brand's book, that way I can read the words of an utter idiot for free! Bargain. If you want to have a browse at Lightfoot's website and/or considering purchasing his tome of wisdom then click here. If you do pay to read it and you find out that this guy is a genius rather than an lunatic, then please let me know so I can go to his house, apologise and thank him for his efforts in getting Clinton elected.

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